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Military Social Networking - Armed Service Social Network - US Army, Navy, Air Force & Marine Corps - Coast Guard - Service-Connected - Like MySpace and Facebook for the military


Service-Connected is a social utility that connects you with other military personnel around the world. This is your place to stay connected no matter where you are. Service-Connected consists of several networks such as — bases, stations, and regions.

You can use Service-Connected to:

  • Share information with people you know.
  • See what's going on with your friends.
  • Look up people around you.
  • Connect with other branches of the military.

Service-Connected was launched 4th of July, 2007 on an exclusive network. The goal is: whether personal or professional, military members will be able to find the information they’re looking for here.

Service-Connected is about real life, not just an online community. Whether its communicating unit responsibilities through our bulletins, messaging system and group discussion i.e. meetings, events, reenlistments and veteran information. Additionally, Service-Connected’s system can be used for your everyday personal life such as posting sports scores, parties, academics, viewing friends and the list goes on. Our members will be able to find out about the military community locally and world-wide.

Service-Connected is a simple and easy-to-use online experience.  Sign up today for free to get started. It's free to be a member!

Your free membership currently includes:

  • Receive and Reply to E-mail from other Members
  • Freely Send A Hooah!, Oorah! or Hooyah! to Break the Ice
  • Messaging System
  • Browse Worldwide Network of Members
  • Upload Photos
  • 1 Page Registration- Fast and Easy- Be Online in Minutes
  • Much More to Come

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Once you're Service-Connected, you're service connected for life.
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